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Our portrait photography service offers a professional and personalized approach to capturing your unique personality and style. We understand that everyone is different, and we work closely with you to create a portrait that truly represents who you are. We offer a range of portrait photography packages, including headshots, family portraits, and individual portraits.


  • Turn on all interior lights and replace all non-working bulbs.

  • Lower blinds and keep them open.

  • If the windows have curtains, open them.

  • Vacuum carpets and clean tile/wood floors.

  • Fluff and straighten pillows on sofas and chairs.

  • Turn off televisions, computers, and all fans.

  • Unplug and hide all non-essential electrical cords.

  • Confirm all windows and mirrors are clean and streak free.

  • Make sure beds are made and are clean.

  • Light the fireplace if possible.

  • Close toilet lid and fold all towels in bathrooms.

  • Close shower door or curtain.

  • Remove and hide all toiletries, bar soaps, shampoos, etc.

  • Remove kitchen and bath mats.

  • Only feature kitchen appliances on display, kettle, microwave, toaster/oven.

  • Clean off counter tops in bathrooms and kitchen.

  • Place a bowl of fruit on the kitchen table or counter to add color.

  • Make sure dining room table and chairs are clean and straight.

  • Remove any clutter from exterior of refrigerator.

  • De-clutter the home by removing cleaning supplies, magazines, toys, etc.


  • Cars need to be in the garage with doors closed.

  • No cars parked in driveway or front of the house.

  • Clean and sweep driveways, sidewalks and patios.

  • Hide trash cans, lawn and garden tools, etc..

  • Mow the yard and remove all lawn debris.

  • Disconnect and hide lawn hoses, if possible.

  • Remove all flags, hanging ornaments and home security signs.

  • Trim bushes, trees and plants to allow a clear view of the property.

  • Enhance curb appeal with landscaping and/or flowers.

  • Put patio umbrellas up and remove BBQ grill covers.

  • Clean swimming pool and put away cleaning equipment.

  • Close all windows and lower blinds to the same height.



Our packages also include digital copies of all the images captured, allowing you to share your portraits with family and friends.

Event photography captures that special moments of families.

we have a good understanding of family dynamics and be able to work with individuals. We also have the ability to create a relaxed and comfortable environment that allows the family to be themselves. 



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